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Buyer’s agent (real estate buyer’s advisor)

What does a buyer’s advisor do?

A buyer’s advisor is the buyer’s sole advisor and representative in a property transaction. 

You can also call it a buyer’s agent. 

A good and impartial buyer’s advisor can ensure that you do not end up with a bad property deal.

A buyer’s advisor will inform you of the aspects of the house purchase you need to pay particular attention to and help you avoid costly pitfalls.

When buying a home, there is no requirement to have an advisor.

But as a buyer, it’s your responsibility to understand the deal documents and their context. There are many papers, documents, and information you, as a home buyer, need to deal with.

You can choose to entrust this responsibility to a buyer’s advisor (also called a buyer’s agent). The buyer’s advice safeguards your interests as a buyer.

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Why should I hire a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s advisor is your advisor in the housing transaction from A to Z.

One of the most important tasks of a buyer’s advisor is to provide you with the best possible information about the property you are buying.

And then negotiate the best possible terms for you as a buyer. This gives you peace of mind and leaves you free to concentrate on other aspects of your purchase.

With the buyer’s package, as your housing advisor, we review the purchase agreement and all the transaction documents. You will receive a letter of advice about the legal issues you need to pay particular attention to.

These may include easements with restrictions on access, buildings that are not properly registered or approved by the authorities, joint loans in associations, etc.

The buyer’s package also includes drafting the letter of approval, correspondence with the parties to the transaction, and approval of the transaction in its entirety. At the end of the transaction, we also arrange for the deeds/registration and the reimbursement statement. If the transaction is cancelled, you will, of course, not receive any invoice from us.

A Buyer’s Advisor is your advisor in the property transaction from A to Z and can, among other things, take care of the following tasks: 

  • Legal review of the purchase agreement and all transaction documents. 
  • Correspondence with the parties to the transaction.
  • Spotting potential pitfalls. 
  • Negotiating better terms for you, the buyer. 
  • Rectification of the property transaction 
  • Registration of the deed/repossession statement. 
  • Compliance with relevant deadlines and timelines. 
  • Providing reassurance and oversight throughout the process. 
  • Assuming legal responsibility for the transaction. 

No deal – No bill 

You can benefit from choosing a Buyer’s Advisor who works on the principle that if the deal is not final, you will not receive a bill. This way you avoid being left with a bill in a property deal where you could not agree on the terms. 

Whether you choose to use an experienced Buyer’s Advisor or a property lawyer, you are covered in the same way – provided, of course, that you choose a Buyer’s Advisor who is fully insured against liability. 

BoligPartner is an experienced buyer’s agent

Get help from an experienced housing advisor. At BoligPartner we are experts in property advice, so if you are also buying a home, please feel free to contact us. Whether you need help with the full Buyer’s Advice, review, or similar, we are always ready to help you achieve your goal.


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